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How to solve the problems related to mold injection molding

The monitoring during the injection molding process will directly affect the quality of the product. The injection defects and abnormal phenomena can finally reflect the quality of the injection molding products. We have common problems and solutions for your reference. Here, the filling is described in detail, the molten plastic has been injected into the cavity of the cavity, and has not been filled with cooling hardening. This phenomenon is called insufficient filling.
Causes and countermeasures caused by the machine tool: The injection capacity is insufficient, and the machine can confirm the injection ability. Too low injection pressure does not increase pressure. The raw material temperature is low and the fluidity is poor. It is confirmed that the temperature of the heating cylinder is increased and the injection pressure is increased. The supply of raw materials is insufficient and the amount of raw materials is increasing. The injection speed is slow and the rate of fire is increased. The nozzle resistance is large, and the aperture and electric heating capability are confirmed. Poor screw feed, manual feed. It is difficult to reduce the raw materials, remove the raw material groups, and reduce the inlet temperature. The screw is an upstream send update.
Causes and countermeasures caused by the mold: the soup design is uneven, recalculated and corrected. The runner gate design is too small to be recalculated and expanded. The cold storage well was blocked. Clear obstacles. Poor exhaust ventilation design. Reduce mold temperature and lower water temperature and water. The finished meat is too thin to check the displacement or increase the thickness of the meat. Heat pipe is clogged, check circuit, temperature and repair. Improper cooling of the mold, confirmation of the waterway system and modification.
Causes and countermeasures caused by raw materials: The raw materials themselves have poor fluidity, confirmation or material changes. Improper lubrication treatment, proper use of the site and quantity. Overspray and reduce use.
In addition to underfilling, the following points also affect injection molding: plastic materials flow from the joint surfaces of static and dynamic molds, forming burrs, called burrs. Shrinkage: The list of molded parts that often find this phenomenon is mainly due to the fact that the raw materials in the process are rolled up to the center of the meat, causing the surface of the finished product to dent. In particular, the surface of the meat is particularly large and the surface is more pronounced.
Flow path mark: After the molten material is injected into the cavity, the ring pattern is present centering on the feed point. Silver wire: The white line of the finished product surface with white as the raw material flow direction. There are fog marks and gloss defects on the surface: some finished products have smooth surfaces and similar white clouds.
Connecting line: Inject the thin wire of the mold, flow through the flow path, and then reconnect. Therefore, in order to manufacture qualified injection molding products, it is necessary to have so many details to understand. This means that we need to cultivate high-quality technical personnel. We must monitor and repeat every inspection in the management, especially the export of some foreign products. So as not to cause unnecessary losses.
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