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Energy-saving transformation of injection molding machine processing system

The energy waste in the plastics industry is serious. Due to the high cost of electricity, electricity accounts for a large proportion of the production cost of enterprises, and has become an important factor in the serious production efficiency of enterprises.
With the intensification of market competition, enterprises are adopting various energy-saving measures, striving to reduce production costs, improve market competition, and customize products according to the motor power, motor speed, pump displacement and system pressure of the user's injection molding machine to meet all specifications. equipment. The installation process and the ordinary molding machine are convenient and simple, and are welcomed by the general plastics industry. They not only reflect the national energy conservation and emission reduction, but also save energy and reduce consumption, and bring considerable economic benefits.
The products are beautiful and durable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. According to different injection products, the power saving rate is 20% to 80%, and all of your investment time in 6 months and 12 months is recovered. It is an ideal product for energy-saving enterprises to transform injection molding machines and mold power saving.
The energy-saving controller of the injection molding machine sends a signal to the computer board according to the pressure and flow of the injection molding machine, and after processing, enters the transmission device. Due to different processes such as clamping opening, glue, pressure, etc., the output signal controls the operating frequency of the transmission. Excess energy savings during the injection molding process, energy saving effect is very significant. Practice has proved that electricity saving is 50%-80%.
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