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Moulding Your Future




Wuxi Funecon Precision Mould Plastic, located in Wuxi city, two hours' drive from Shanghai.

We design and manufacture moulds & plastic injection products for many industries, such as door & window systems, RFID, medical instruments, appliances, electronics, automotive, telecommunications, LED lights, textile machinery and household products, etc.

We have injection machines range from 50 tons to 360 tons, materials used include ABS、ASA、PP、HDPE、LDPE、POM、PA6、PA46、PA66、PA612、PA+GF、PBT、PC、PC+ABS、PC+PBT、PMMA、PS、TPE、TPU、TPR、PPO、PPS, etc.

All the moulds are designed and manufactured in house.

Funecon have many experienced engineers for mould design, machining, process and quality assurance, to make sure all the process under control.  

We can supply competitive products to our valued customers, based on consistent quality, low costsolutions and fast reaction.

Please send your enquiry to bill@funecon.com, which will receive fast reply, thank you !

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