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What are the factors that affect the results of injection molding processing

Injection molding is a complex task, and any minor changes in the production process can affect the quality of the product. The plastic is not in the same state as the volume after solidification in the liquid state, so care should be taken to design the details of the product. For example, if the diameter of the product design at the beginning is five millimeters, it is necessary to design the production mold according to the volume of the production material used after cooling, which will be reduced or enlarged.
Before the injection molding process, it must undergo rigorous calculation and testing. The mold design can not be the same as the product size, so that the produced product is easily unqualified. In addition to the characteristics of the material itself will affect the products produced, the pressure used in the production process will also have a great impact on the product. If the pressure used is too large, the product may be squeezed too much. Small and unqualified.
If the pressure used is too small, then in the future, after the product leaves the mold, it may rebound like a spring, and the volume will be too large, which is not acceptable. Therefore, it is necessary for experienced workers to control the pressure to a certain size and not to change at will. In addition, the speed at which raw materials flow into the mold during the injection molding process, as well as the temperature of various tools, can have an impact on the product.
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